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Deciding to write a book is a huge decision and the fact that you are even at this point means there is something in your soul that is pushing you to share your story and fulfil your dream of becoming an author!

Estelle and Leona have helped thousands of women up-level their business and so – for them – creating MIBA publishing was a no brainer!  They have already helped to create over 100 best selling authors and MIBA Publishing has a unique insight into what works and what doesn't when it comes to writing a best seller.

Rise of the Mumpreneur® 2020

In 2019, 8 MIBS took the opportunity to be part of Rise of the Mumpreneur, this will be released very soon.

This year we are offering 15 women the opportunity to appear in the next in our series Rise of the Mumpreneur 2020.

But this time things are a little different!  Rather than distance learning and writing, all our authors will be joining us for a MIBA Writing Retreat in the gorgeous Marbella, Spain.

Our #1 Best sellers

We've already helped so many women tell their inspiring story.  Find out more about our best selling books in our book store.

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